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Investors. Innovators. Accelerators.

Our Core Values

Dignity Matters

We recognize the importance of treating our teammates, portfolio company associates, investors, and service providers in a way that honors their value and worth.

Innovation Matters

We are an organization that thrives upon (and exists because of) innovation.

Communication Matters

We want to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and promote an environment where freedom of thought is not only encouraged, but mandated.

Humility Matters

Remembering that everyone is important keeps us balanced.

Family Matters

For us to be fulfilled, at ease, and in our best position to be productive, we recognize how important it is to be there for our families.

Change Matters

We do not embrace change for change’s sake, but recognize change—while sometimes uncomfortable—can lead to significant growth.

Conflict Matters

We recognize that respectful conflict is a normal, productive occurrence.  We recognize that managing conflict and the need for change is key to our continued growth and prosperity.

Accountability Matters

We pledge to do what we say we’re going to do – even when no one is looking.

Identity Matters

We want to be proud—and for everyone involved with us to be proud — to be a part of an organization that puts recognition of each individual’s value and worth at the center of our brand and image.

Leadership Matters

We aspire to lead with dignity and promote an organizational culture of learning through self-reflection.

Expectation Matters

We commit to clarifying each team member’s contribution to BVP.  We will be explicit about our roles and responsibilities and—because BVP will not achieve its goals without each individual achieving his or her own.

Curiosity Matters

We pledge to learn from one another, ask thoughtful questions, and always work to uncover hidden connections.

Collaboration Matters

How we work towards our goals is equally important to what we ultimately build and achieve.  Our success is driven by our ability to forge healthy relationships, remove barriers, be accessible, and push forward as one.

Diversity Matters

We commit to fostering a culture that is open and inclusive for all teammates, portfolio company associates, investors, and service providers.

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focused on acquiring and growing niche consumer and information service businesses

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